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Adina Reyter

Adina Reyter is an entrepreneur who has been designing her eponymous line of accessibly priced, high-quality fine jewelry for 18 years. But, if you ask Adina what she does for a living she always replies, “I make people happy.”

Adina’s first big break was when Demi Moore walked into the first store that carried the line and purchased a delicately hammered sterling silver circle necklace. Later, Demi was photographed in the necklace by InStyle magazine. The real tipping point came when a Friends wardrobe stylist walked into the Stacey Todd boutique in Studio City and purchased the entire collection. Jennifer Aniston wore the circle necklace on an episode of the popular show.

“My pieces have to be made beautifully and at price points that allow women to feel confident selecting it for themselves,” says Adina. “Each woman can create her own personal story with my jewelry. The jewelry becomes a part of her.”

Nearly two decades later, Adina continues to lead with design and attention to detail. She introduces new collections several times a year and collaborates with some of the world’s most desirable diamond (e.g. CanadaMark) and emerald (e.g. Muzo) mines.

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